About us

The Forgotten Grove was established in 2018, after our house on the property was built at the end of 2017. We first bought the land in 2015, moving to the area from acreage just outside of Brisbane. We fell in love with the Granite Belt after a visit to some of the local wineries, appreciating the beauty of the area, the wonders of the changing seasons, and the cool climate - the very best of Queensland!

The name was born as a nod to the olive trees on our land, which had been forgotten and neglected for some time. Our vision for the property is to slowly nurse these back to health, utilising only organic practices. We also have two bee hives on the property, as well as a vegetable garden, chook pen, and an aquaponics set-up housed in a small greenhouse.

As an eco-friendly facility, we have designed the house to ensure minimal impact on the environment. We utilise solar cells and a battery bank to provide off-grid power to the house, harvest our own rainwater for drinking and cleaning, and the house itself has been designed with passive solar principles in mind, being north-facing to capture the winter sun. Further warmth is also provided by a number of wood stoves, which also assist in providing the house with hot water.


© 2018 Daniel McArthur and Joseph Shorter